Required Documentation

In order to create a file on your property and respond to enquiries accurately, the following documentation is required.

  • A photocopy of the title deed. (This provides the exact information regarding meters of construction and land to enable us to create a file on the property with an accurate description and, in the event that an offer is made, the possibility of requesting the corresponding information regarding domain and inhibition).
  • Construction plan. (This is useful in ensuring that the property’s file information is correct).
  • A photocopy of the municipal tax recipts (A.B.L. and Rents) and/or expenses. (For the description in the property file).
Appraisal Sale and Rent

Appraisal Form Many people believe that an appraisal is a just a simple calculation, in which the meters of construction and the meters of land are multiplied by the respective market values, but this is not true. To start with, no appraisal can be made before visiting the property. There are various other factors which define and affect an appraisal, for example:

  • the value of the land according to its location
  • the measurements of the land
  • the surface area covered
  • the quality, antiquity and conservation of the construction.
  • the surroundings
  • the direction it faces, the garden

These are just a few of the factors that are considered when it comes to determining the value of a property, whether it is for the sale, or for the rent.

The value of the land is principally determined by its location and the direction it faces. However, when it comes to the building the determining factors are antiquity, the quality of construction and the condition of the bathrooms and kitchen.

On the other hand, the property must be collated with other similar properties on the market, as well as with those that have been sold or rented recently which makes it easier to accommodate the price within the market values.

Once we have all the information we can estimate a price, which is then presented to the proprietor, so that it can then be adapted to current market values.



The contracts for personal properties have a minimum term of 24 months determined by law. For commercial properties the established minimum term is for 36 months, also determined by law. In the event of a temporary rental the terms can be extended from 1 month to 6 months inclusive. Our experience with multinational companies and law firms guarantees the formality of our contracts.

Deposits (Rentals)

It is established by law that the deposit must be for the equivalent of one month’s rent per year of contract. In the case of a temporary rental, this it is adapted to the terms of agreement.

Guarantors (Rentals)

This is one of the most important points; remember that every transaction requires at least one solid and reliable guarantor. This he can be a relative, or friend, who offers their own property in guarantee but this property cannot be restricted by a mortgage or registered as insurance for the family of the owner. Remember that the ten cannot be his own guarantor.

Generally, in the case of companies, the civil employee appears as tenant and the company as guarantor. Another possibility, if the company assumes both roles (tenant and guarantor) it automatically becomes a “retention agent”. How does this work? The company retains 6 % of the difference between the locative value and the nontaxable minimum (U$S 400.-approx) from the monthly rent.

Property Visits

Visits are carried out with a member of agency staff, whom will visit the property as soon as you have decided that you would like us to handle the management of its sale, in order to get to know it, and so that you will recognize our staff on future visits, and for peace of mind. Where possible, visits will be arranged with at least 24 hours notice.

Inter Agency Sistem and Web

From the moment we begin working with you, your property details will be entered into the inter-agency system, so that other agencies can offer it to their own clients through us, and it will also appear on our Website, where those interested can ask for details on the property.

Property Description

Once the property has been entered into our system, a detailed description is prepared which shows the information taken from the title deed, the plans and the A.B.L and Rentas tax receipts, thus providing specific information to interested parties. These description cards are also given to the clients on later visits to the agency.


The placement of the sign (measuring 1 x 1 mtrs and 2 x 2 mtrs) is very important. Recently clients have changed their search method, magazines and newspapers have been replaced by people looking for houses in the areas they are interested in and contacting agencies by cell phone from the property. It is also common for foreigners, who are not familiar with our traditional search methods, to contact us after having seen a “for sale” sign at a property, as they consider factors such as proximity to schools or a traion station, etc.


Advertisements for our properties appear regularly in newspapers such as La Nacion, Clarin and Le Trait d´union or in magazines such as Cotex and/or Ba Mag, and/or Publicasas and Bs.As. Acceuil (Advertisements in magazines include pictures and a detailed description).

In wich we excel?

Our company is founded on quickly solving and clearing our clients’ doubts in the following ways:

  • Legal advice and assessment.
  • Ocusing the search for properties on those that respond to the needs of the client.
  • With speed and efficiency.
  • We are part of an inter-agency system through which we have access to all the properties on the market, thus giving our clients the security of finding the property they want.
  • Our appraisals are based on the reality of the market. Giving the proprietor a realistic view of the market at a given time.
  • We are extending our activities to Private Communities, “Countries”, and Offices.

Our operational range includes Nuñez, Vicente López, Olivos, La Lucila, Martínez, Acassuso, San Isidro, Beccar, San Fernando and Punta Chica and extends from Lomas de San Isidro, Horqueta and Santa Rita, to the private communities and nautical “countries” all along the coast to Tigre, Benavides and Pilar, such as Boating Club, San Isidro Chico, Santa Bárbara, Nordelta and Talar de Pacheco and more.

We also have specialized personnel who manage those properties in the region of Capital Federal.

Choosing a property

Once you have contacted our staff, and we have identified your preferences (area, comforts, etc.) we will begin to look through the inter-agency system and other systems. Soon after you will receive an email with the description and photos of the houses or apartments requested, so that you can decide which ones you would like to visit, with the person who carried out the search, who will guide you through the process.

Sale and Rent authorization

The authorization stipulates the operation fee, payment methods, location, receipt and/or registration terms, company working hours and any observations that the buyer or seller believes should be included. These are also useful to mantain formality and so that the agency can be better dedicated to the property.


As soon as you have chosen a property, we proceed to make reservation. This is not only to secure the transaction, but also to establish the price offered, terms, specific dates, and any observation that you would like to include. The procedure consists of providing a check or money order (which remains in the agency office, until the transaction takes place), for the value of one month’s rent, or 1% of the total transaction cost in case of sale. In the event that the transaction does not take place, the check will be returned immediately.

Lease Expences

The TENANT will have to pay bills for, the telephone, electricity, gas, water, municipal rate (illumination, sweeping and cleaning), cable television, door man, gardener and someone in charge of the pool if needed, in addition to the rent. The real estate taxes (Rentas) will be the responsibility of the proprietor.